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Residential Service & Repair

At Robertson Pools, we understand that maintaining the beauty and functionality of your residential pool is crucial to your outdoor oasis. Our Residential Pool Service & Repair team is dedicated to ensuring that your pool remains a source of enjoyment, relaxation, and beauty, year after year. As the leading pool builder in the Dallas area, specializing in backyard design and installation, we’re excited to provide an array of services designed to keep your residential pool in top shape.

Pool Service, Repair and Maintenance

Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

Our Routine Cleaning and Maintenance services ensure your pool is consistently clean, clear, and inviting. Say goodbye to the hassle of pool care, and let our skilled technicians handle everything, from skimming the surface to balancing water chemistry.

Filter Cleaning and Inspection

A clean and well-maintained filter is vital for your pool’s health. Our Filter Cleaning and Inspection service guarantees that your filtration system is free of debris, enabling it to work efficiently, keeping your water crystal clear.

Water Chemistry Management

Maintaining proper water chemistry is key to the longevity of your pool. Our Water Chemistry Management service includes routine testing, adjustments, and chemical balancing to create a safe and comfortable swimming environment.

Leak Detection and Repair

Even a minor leak can lead to significant issues. Our Leak Detection and Repair service identifies and addresses leaks promptly, preventing further damage and water loss.

Equipment Repair and Replacement

Malfunctioning pool equipment can disrupt your pool’s operation. Our Equipment Repair and Replacement service ensures that your pumps, heaters, and other equipment are running optimally, extending their lifespan.

Tile and Surface Restoration

Cracked or damaged pool tiles and surfaces can affect both the aesthetics and functionality of your pool. Our Tile and Surface Restoration service rejuvenates the look and feel of your pool, making it more inviting and safer for swimmers.

Our Service & Repair Team

We provide complete equipment repair and replacement as well as full underground leak detection and inspection. We pride ourselves on our unsurpassed training program to continually educate ourselves on the latest repair strategies and keeping up-to-date on the newest advances in technology to provide excellence to you.

Give us a call at (972) 393-2884 or Email Service with your service request and let us take care of your pool equipment so that you can spend time enjoying your pool.

Technical Repair Questions & Answers

When should I backwash?

We recommend that you backwash a minimum of once per month, but you need to backwash whenever the starting pressure increases by 5 or more pounds. NOTE: It is important to know your clean starting pressure. Always remember that if you have a D.E. filter you must add D.E. after you backwash. After backwashing, if the pressure continues to raise quickly this is known as a short filter cycle and the filter should be taken apart and cleaned manually.

Why is my pressure on my filter low?

1) Have you emptied your pump and skimmer baskets?
2) Is the pump lid oring seated properly to allow a full seal?
3) Is the pump lid on tight?
4) Have you relieved the air from the filter?
5) If the spa fountain and/or filter pressure are going up and down, check for a stuck skimmer door or low water level.

If you have tried these possibilities and you are still experiencing a problem, call (972) 393-2884 for a professional Technical Repair Technician to come to your home.

How often should I have my filter professionally cleaned and equipment checked?

All manufacturers of D.E. filters recommend that the filter be disassembled and cleaned every 6 months. At the same time, Robertson Pools also lubricates the valves, inspects the salt cell and cleans if necessary, fires the heater and diagnoses any issues with the heater, in addition to a visual inspection of all other equipment. Large cartridge filters will usually go 6 months between cleaning, but if the pressure goes up & circulation goes down, it will need to be done sooner. Please call (972) 393-2884 to schedule this comprehensive filter clean and inspection for your pool.

Why did all of my lights go out at the same time?

This is usually caused by a tripped GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). It looks similar to the trip/reset in your bathroom electrical outlet by the sink. This is often located by your equipment or by the light switch, but could also be located many other places in the yard. Most of the time, the resetting of the GFCI will solve the problem. If you have tried to reset the GFCI and you are still experiencing a problem, call (972) 393-2884 for a professional Technical Repair Technician to come to your home.

Is my pool leaking?

To get a good idea as to whether your pool is leaking, please perform sit test in full and record your findings. Then email us the results to Service@robertsonpools.com. We will then get with our leak specialist to determine what the next steps will be based off the results of the sit test.

**Do not perform this test if it is forecasted to be below 40° at anytime during the duration of the test**

Click here for Sit Test instructions

Why isn’t my salt system generating chlorine?

1) Are there any error codes on the system?

a) If they have an error code, please refer to the owner’s manual and make adjustments based on the manual or contact the Technical Repair Department at (972) 393-2884 or email Brooke if it calls for service.

b) If you do not have an error code, the issue is likely not a manufacturer’s defect and is probably due to your water chemistry being off balance. We recommend that you have it tested by a Robertson Pools pool professional and adjust the chemicals accordingly.

2) How long are you running your pump?

We recommend that you run your pool 1 hour for every 10 degrees of the predicted high temperature. The exception would be when the temperature goes below freezing, then it should run 24/7 until the air temperature goes above 34 degrees.

3) What percentage are you running the salt sytem?

a) We recommend that you start at 70% and increase or decrease the percentage as you test the chlorine level. Every pool is different, so it will take a few tries.

b) Please also see the answers to low and high filter pressure questions for more possibilities.

If you have tried these possible solutions and you are still experiencing a problem, call (972) 393-2884 or email Brooke for a Technical Repair Specialist to come to your home.

24-Hour On/Off Diagnostic Cycle

Fill up the pool and spa to the normal level, mark both levels with tape. If you have an auto fill, turn off the water supply valve to disable it. Turn off all circulation pumps and leave them off for 24 full hours, unless a freeze is imminent. After 24 hours, measure the distance between the original marks and the new levels in both the pool and spa.

Fill the pool and spa back to the normal level. Run the main circulation pump for 24 hours. Do not run any water features. Do not heat the pool. After 24 hours, measure the distance between the original mark and the new level.

So, we should have two measurements: one from when the pool was off and one from when the pool was running.

Your pool will need to be full to the fill line, clean, and clear for the technician to continue with leak assessment and/or detection.

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My service technician, John Ivy, is very reliable and knowledgeable about all of the equipment and systems and he is always very efficient. I never have any problems afterward and he explains everything I need to know very clearly. Kelli does a great job with scheduling and working with me and I appreciate it very much.”


I recently hired Robertson Pools to do the remodel of my pool. I’m writing to provide you with a positive review of Tim Saulmon, the Superintendent of the project. Tim was very good at communicating with me throughout the project. ! I am very satisfied with the quality of the work that was done and overall the project went very smoothly, thanks in part to Tim’s hard work.


I have to tell you how pleased we are with the waterfall built for us. It looks so good. Jose was wonderful, what a nice man, and such an artist at his work. He understood exactly the look I was after and did it to perfection. His helper was very nice as well, they made a great team. Many hats off for our beautiful waterfall!”