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Welcome to Robertson Pools and the rewarding experience of pool ownership. As a custom builder, Robertson Pools, Inc. brings award-winning designs and years of swimming pool knowledge to your own backyard.

Winter Woes

When the temperature drops, your water chemistry changes drastically. Pools must be treated differently in the winter than they are in the summer. The vast majority of damage to swimming pools occurs during the winter when nobody is paying attention. Whether your pool freezes or just gets down into the 50ºs or 60ºs, water temperature always matters.
Calcite crystals, winter dust, etching and equipment damage are all a result of aggressive water. During the winter months the pool takes a backseat and often service is suspended to save money.  This can end up causing costly damage to the pool surface or your equipment. Our service techs are trained to help keep your water chemistry in balance all year long.  Let Robertson Pools help you protect your investment so you can rest assured your pool is ready for the next pool season.
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